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Office Plants Atlanta, otherwise known as Alpha Plant Care, has established itself as one of Atlanta’s leading plant care services in the city. We have been able to accomplish this by our dedication to our customers, and a true passion for changing your office or living space into something that is beautiful and welcoming.

During our time serving Atlanta, we have been introduced to some of the finest plant growers in the United States. When we say we can get the highest quality plants, we mean it. Our customers have been coming back to us time and time again because of our quality products, our dedication to client satisfaction, and above all else, guaranteed maintenance.

What is Guaranteed Maintenance?


Guaranteed maintenance is an industry wide term that many companies tend to, unfortunately, use very loosely. In many cases, companies will provide you with quality plants. However, after a few weeks, the quality of those plants will fade. Eventually, even with proper maintenance, the plants will need to be replaced as they have lived their lifespan.

What Many Companies Do

  • Provide you with beautiful plants
  • Maintain the plants with varying degree of involvement

Eventually, the plants start to wither due to reaching the end of its lifespan. At this point, you are supposed to have your plant replaced, but in many cases, companies will tell you the plant looks okay. Your maintenance plan is supposed to provide you with replacement plants at the end of the plants lifespan. Obviously this can be costly to a business, so many companies will prolong that process until it is undeniably evident that the plants need replacing.

How We Are Different

  • Provide you with beautiful plants
  • Maintain the plants so they maintain their life and beauty

We understand that your home or office is something that you are spending a large majority of your time in, so by definition, it is a special place for you. At Alpha Plant Care, we pride ourselves on our customers being completely satisfied with not only the plants they receive on the very first day, but that the plants maintain the same level of excellence throughout their time with you. The moment a replacement is needed, you will get a replacement plant within 1 week!