Benefits of Indoor Plants

While the aesthetic benefits of indoor plants may be obvious, there have been many studies done that show plants do much more than please our eyes. Plants can provide aesthetic, psychological, and physiological benefits to humans.

Breathe More Easily

benefits of indoor plants, breathe easierBreathing more easily seems like an incredible benefit, but how is adding plants going to create a more breathable environment for your home or office? Remember photosynthesis? Every time we breathe, we are inhaling the air, which contains oxygen. Our lungs absorb that oxygen and convert it into carbon dioxide, which we then exhale.

Plant ironically do the opposite. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants absorb the carbon dioxide that we exhale, and convert it into oxygen. which we can again breathe. It is through this process that plants can help you breathe more easily.

Reduce Stress and Increase Comfortability

benefits of indoor plants, reduce you stress levelsAdding plants to your home or office can actually reduce your stress levels and help create a more positive environment. We’ve already mentioned the benefits of indoor plants for breathing, and breathing more easily is known to reduce stress levels. In addition, the aesthetic benefits of indoor plants actually play a psychological role by making us feel more at ease with our environment.

Studies have also shown that employee attendance is typically higher, workers perform better, and some studies even reflect students having increased attentiveness in the classroom. In addition, health studies have discovered that plants improve the quality of the air by increasing the humidity in a room, and removing air toxins known as volatile organic compounds. These combined benefits of indoor plants actually reduces respiratory distress and can reduce the amount of air-born sickness and colds.

Plants at the Office

benefit of indoor plants, add office plants Atlanta

Major corporations and other work environments have started adding a large collection of plants and foliage to their entryways and work space. At this point it’s no secret that a well designed entrance can create a warming appeal to a customer at your office. Not surprisingly, there are studies where workers were not allowed to be greater than 45 feet away from any greenery, and the result was a noticeable increase in productivity and creativity. The benefits of indoor plants range from personal health improvement, better air quality, and a more positive perception of your own environment. Contact us to learn how we can help you improve your office!